esmaspäev, 25. aprill 2016


I've had two sleepless nights in less than a month (sleepless means that I literally did not sleep). It's weird to not sleep for no reason at all. I usually listen a chapter of Harry Potter before bed (started with 5th book a few days ago, all read by Stephen Fry) and when I don't feel tired enough after that, I'll listen to another one. It's great because if I do feel sleepy I can just close my eyes and go to sleep and laptop is set to power down soon after the end of the chapter, so no extra noise either (and the lid is down anyway, so no light).
Anywho. so those nights I just listened to one chapter, tried to sleep, listened another, tried to sleep... Until it was not godawfully late or early any more and got up. I only felt slightly tired few times the next day and keeping myself minimally active kept me awake enough. Went to bed the normal time next evening (=night).
I'm rather curious about it at the moment because I went to a birthday yesterday and didn't sleep for long that night and I didn't sleep at all the day before. (Sometimes when I haven't slept well for few days in a row I start to wonder how many more nights I could do that.)
My goodness, even I think that this post is boring and I'm the one writing it. Heh. So yeah. Sleep is weird, blah-blah-blah. The evening before the latest non-sleep I had quite a lot of Cola and it does have coffeine in it but it shouldn't be that much more than... maybe a large cup of coffee? Not sure. Though, lets be honest here, I don't really drink coffee and I barely ever even drink any non-herbal tea since that time I had that sleeping problem. I'll just go and see what sleep does today.

This post consumes more than it gives.

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