esmaspäev, 25. aprill 2016


I've had two sleepless nights in less than a month (sleepless means that I literally did not sleep). It's weird to not sleep for no reason at all. I usually listen a chapter of Harry Potter before bed (started with 5th book a few days ago, all read by Stephen Fry) and when I don't feel tired enough after that, I'll listen to another one. It's great because if I do feel sleepy I can just close my eyes and go to sleep and laptop is set to power down soon after the end of the chapter, so no extra noise either (and the lid is down anyway, so no light).
Anywho. so those nights I just listened to one chapter, tried to sleep, listened another, tried to sleep... Until it was not godawfully late or early any more and got up. I only felt slightly tired few times the next day and keeping myself minimally active kept me awake enough. Went to bed the normal time next evening (=night).
I'm rather curious about it at the moment because I went to a birthday yesterday and didn't sleep for long that night and I didn't sleep at all the day before. (Sometimes when I haven't slept well for few days in a row I start to wonder how many more nights I could do that.)
My goodness, even I think that this post is boring and I'm the one writing it. Heh. So yeah. Sleep is weird, blah-blah-blah. The evening before the latest non-sleep I had quite a lot of Cola and it does have coffeine in it but it shouldn't be that much more than... maybe a large cup of coffee? Not sure. Though, lets be honest here, I don't really drink coffee and I barely ever even drink any non-herbal tea since that time I had that sleeping problem. I'll just go and see what sleep does today.

This post consumes more than it gives.

laupäev, 23. aprill 2016

Remember kids, gambling is good for you

I'm going to a birthday tomorrow (techically today because it's past midnight but whatevs) and I wanted to hitchhike to Tallinn but weather looks shitty, so I'm not sure I will. I haven't really done it recently so I sort of miss it. It's interesting to meet people whom you'll only interact for 2 hours max, whom you'll likely never meet again and who are all so different and yet similar in ways humans are.
Also, it doesn't cost a thing and there's an element of adventure (I mostly see it as a "where will this car take me and how long will my journey be" not "gosh, I hope this driver is not a serial killer").
Some of these people leave me with a smile for quite a while and I sometimes tell people about larp and they are all intrigued by it because I tell them about something new and interesting. I doubt anyone I've told about it has ever looked it up and signed up for an event later but maybe someone some day... :P

I'm tired. Woke up too early in the morning, have been feeling it the whole day. Wasn't half as productive as I was planning to, but at least I fulfilled my quota of at least two drawings that are at least fine. I'm sometimes so damn fast at drawing that I'm even ever so slightly impressed myself. Oh yeah, I said it.

Watched Time Lapse instead of going out (see "tired" above). It's wasn't very good. Characters weren't very intelligent and it always bothers me when characters in books or films are doing stupid things. Also, one of them was an "artist" and he was really shitty. I'm not even quite sure if he'd gotten in the Painting course I was at and we were all n00bs. So yeah. It was sort of okay as long as they didn't show the paintings too close and he didn't try to paint people but he did try to paint a person at one point and that was cringeworthy.

So remember kids. The better you are at art (any kind, I guess), the more shitty art is out there for you. Have fun.

neljapäev, 21. aprill 2016

Combo breaker

I couldn't remember what language I used for the previous post and had to check. I should use more time with Estonian. I didn't even think about the language, just typed. Right now sticking to English because of the flow.
I am reading a book in Estonian right now so that's ok. It's Täheaeg 8(?). Yesterday night I read a story by Siim Veskimees (so hope I'm not getting names mixed up right now, if I am, I'll fix it later, otherwise, it'll stay :P) and it left me somewhat disgusted. Efhsdfg. I mean, I know a lot of Estonian sci-fi writers have stupid views (Hargla thought that buying milk with Russian writing on it was awful because reasons and loads of them are racist homophobes and not even sorry about it.) but they usually leave it out of the writing. This story had a character whose views were, let's say, slightly off and then there was a black character and the communication between the main character and him just left me almost literally disgusted. I don't even know what to say about it. I think that I never want to read anything written by S.V. ever again.
And. And. To top it all off, in the end, the main character (man in his 40s) had sex with a 16 year old girl (who was, of course, a virgin) and the character said something along the lines that it was perfectly fine because she had wanted it and she was old enough to know what's what.
(And yes, sex positivism is a thing and having active female characters is good (she wasn't really a character, just the token girl at the end of the story, but I meant active as in she sort of initiated the thing. But it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I would never have published that story. Maybe (maybe) on online magazine for free but never ever should the writer have gotten any money out of it. Bleh. I was constantly on the side of the story's "baddies" (who were, oh, let me think the fucking UN who wanted to deal with dangerous criminals with nukes who wanted to (illegally) live on the moon and in space so that they could get away from all those political-correctness-gone-mad gays that were taking over the Earth and so it was justified to bomb NATO forces. (There's more to it, it's a large fictional universe but I've read only this and maybe a few other short stories about it, so it's a bit vague for me.) Yeah, nope. I created a version in my head where the story's "good guys" lose so I can have peace with it.
...and they were all brought to trial, found guilty and went to prison. A Norway style nice prison where they spent minimum of 10 years filled with lots of leisure time, cooking their own food and becoming a proper human being. After getting released they got average jobs and lived average lives, regretting the time spent away from families and raising their children to be caring and nice people who wouldn't repeat the same mistakes they made. The end.

kolmapäev, 20. aprill 2016

Ghosty McGhostface

I couldn't understand why my blog wasn't showing a navbar. Tried to find the fault some time ago, didn't understand so just left it there.
Tonight realised I ought to check Chrome's extentions. Turns out Ghosterly was just too protective. Whitelisted g+, everything works now.
While trying to find the fault, tried reinstalling blogger template and ended up with a different design overall. Now I can be surprised for days or even weeks when visiting my site to check for those few blogs that actually have updates. Hazaa.
(Title is currently topical and rather confusing in the future.)

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Cats are nice.

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